Month: October 2019

How Happy Soul Therapies was born

Happy Soul has gradually evolved over a number of years, starting with my diagnosis of Anxiety & later Fibromyalgia.

In 2014 I had to give up my job because these conditions, together with the unfolding of 3 traumatic family events, were having a huge effect on my ability to function. I was exhausted, I’d been signed off sick & basically spent most of the next 6 weeks in bed.

Once I started to feel a little better, I decided to look for natural ways to heal myself. My doctor had prescribed a cocktail of medications & basically said there not much else that can be done. His actual words were “what do you expect Mrs Miller? you are 47 years old!” This was the same GP who, when I first went to see him about my extreme fatigue, said “we are all tired Mrs Miller, everyone I see is tired!”

I walked out of the surgery thinking that this should not be the norm! Why are so many people in our modern society so tired? with a high probability of having to live with some sort of chronic, life-limiting illness in the future?

As soon as I got home my research began. With the help of my Homeopath, I started to take an holistic approach to getting better. I learnt how much our diet affects our health! this sounds ridiculously obvious to me now but at that time I was still following a low-fat diet without realising that it was so full of sugar & our bodies need fat – good fats!

On one visit to my homeopath, I mentioned the eczema that had appreared on my hands & arms, it was incredibly itchy (I had never had this before & the cream the doctor prescribed was not working) He told me to give up cow’s milk! I couldn’t understand the connection, I wasn’t allergic to cow’s milk, I’d been drinking it all my life! He explained so I gave it up, within a week the eczema had completely disappeared.

Since then I have tried many different remedies to find the ones that work for me. The big difference is that I now, use what Mama Nature has given us to, give my body what it needs to heal itself!

As people started to notice that I was looking better & able to do things that I hadn’t for months, I started to share what had worked for me & to my delight it started helping others too!

January 2019 I challenged myself to remove 80% of toxins in our home. I started to swap synthetic chemical air fresheners, laundry & cleaning products for natural alternatives. Replaced my bath, beauty & skincare with non-toxic versions. We are bombarded with so many toxins in our environment that we cannot control but we can make changes at home!We replaced 80% of our medicine cabinet with pure essential oils ~ these truly are gifts of the earth! I have reduced my medication dramatically & I feel so much better ~ it’s incredible!

Happy Soul Therapies is now my way of giving back & sharing what I have learnt so that it can empower others to take charge of their Health & Happiness too!